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Character Name: Ganta Igarashi AKA Woodpecker
Canon: Deadman Wonderland
Age: 14
Appearance: Here you go.
Canon Point: Chapter 51, pg. 87
How will your character react to the initial night period?: Ganta is relatively tough, to be only fourteen years old. He might freak out, at first (more about how everything changed, in general, than about the staff attempting to kill him). If any of his friends from home are here (or if he happens to have made new ones, by this point), he'll begin looking for them--naturally, he'll want to make sure that they don't die. If there's anyone in dire need of help, he'll pause to assist them. He isn't quite the hero type, so he will not be taking on a hotel-wide search for those in need. So, other than helping those he happens upon, he will focus on his main objective--finding those friends of his and helping them.
History: Here you go.
Personality: Ganta was an average student in middle school, with supposed "amnesia" of anything from before the age of four. He was a very harmless, naive, and gullible fourteen-year-old, to say the least. He held a very sarcastic attitude; and, not to mention, had a tendency to take things for granted. He could easily be viewed as a typical, slightly spoiled teenager. It is shown that, prior to the Red Man showing up, his biggest concerns in life were deciding where to go during a school trip. He played soccer with his two best friends, and he loved it--though, he was not very good at it, apparently.

After witnessing the deaths of twenty-one of his classmates (who were killed by The Red Man, a mysterious floating creature who implanted a red crystal in Ganta's chest)--resulting in him being blamed for it (and being sentenced to "death”)--he went into a confused and frightened state. Once inside the Deadman Wonderland Prison (hereafter, simply DW), he slowly began trying exceptionally hard to accept his new way of life. Of course it was very difficult for him to do; after all, he had led a sheltered life just days before that. The first day there, he outwardly begged for death. A mysterious girl, Shiro, eagerly attempted to answer it. After closely escaping her attacks, he quickly realized that it was a lie--that he desired only to live.

After his first confrontational situation at the prison, he believed simply going along with everything was the way to go. Backing down from the bully, laughing in the face of the bully's victim on command, agreeing to everything the bully said... He hated himself for those things, but he was too scared to do otherwise. It did not last long, though. He quickly learned that standing up for himself was the much better way to go. When said bully ordered Ganta step on Azami's broken arm, he loudly exclaimed:

"...Being on Death Row and being hit--it's horrible, but...sucking up to you...and lying to myself...! Makes me much more disgusted with myself...! So...! You can eat shit for all I care! My rule!"

... and threw his rule book into the guy's face. Of course, he instantly regretted doing that, because it almost resulted in his butt getting kicked (fortunately, a guard walked in, though). In spite of his almost wanting to take those words back, that showed Ganta's strong dislike for being weak. Even if his fear was able to outweight it, at first.

During that time, he had a big tendency to put himself down, over anything he believed he was doing wrong--but couldn't "stop himself" from doing. Sometimes, he would think, to himself, how “stupid” or “dumb” he was. That was his lack of confidence shining.

An example would be when he sacrificed his own life to save Shiro during the Dog Race. Shiro had thrown him the ball just as the time was running out. Right then, the floor under her collapsed and she started to fall to the spikes below. Instead of catching the ball, he reached down to grab her hand. He called himself “so dumb” for saving her life, instead of winning the race (and saving his own life, considering he needed the cast points to purchase a 'candy' AKA antidote).

Another example could be when he finally realized how sick and twisted DW was. He had been comparing it to “going to a new school”. When Senji lost his eye though (punishment for losing in his fight against Ganta), it hit him how terrible DW was. He called himself “fucking stupid” for not realizing it sooner.

When told by Karako that she was “looking forward to seeing [him] in action” he replied that he was “not that strong”. Then, when everyone told him that he obviously cannot be weak, he blushed out of embarrassment. He was not sure how to take that, either. He truly believed that his Branch of Sin was the most useless one, of all. Mainly because it caused him to become anemic, quickly--while everyone else's Branch of Sin seemed to allow them to fight longer.

It was discovered fairly quickly how Ganta was actually a very kind person--that he would do pretty much anything for a friend. Not only that, but he was incredibly loyal to them. Even finding out, from Yō's sister, that Yō had stolen a 'candy' from him, he quickly declared Yō to be his friend, stating “There's nothing wrong with it, cause we're friends! I feel Yō has done nothing but save my skin. And if I helped him too, then good.”

This just went to show that, (at that time) if he bonded with someone and they, at any point, became someone he considered very close, then it would take a lot to have him consider them as anything other than someone to always stand by.

The thought of hurting others--or anyone being hurt on his account, was an incredibly upsetting thing for him. Naturally, he especially hated to see his friends hurt; and, he would be pretty much beyond devastated if they ware killed. He believed that, unless it was necessary (in the sense that it was life or death), he had no reason to hurt (or kill them, for that matter) anyone.

Regardless of his inherently kind nature, he did have a vengeful side, even then. Every time he even thought about the one that killed his classmates and landed him in prison on death row, he could feel nothing but pure hatred. He desired only for retribution for the deaths of his friends. As such, he was far more than just willing to take care of it, himself. He had planned, from the very beginning, to kill The Red Man.

When ever Ganta felt cornered, he would retaliate with anger. For example, when he was made to look untrustworthy by Rokuro (when Nagi was attempting to get Ganta to take part in Scar Chain), Ganta left--but not before yelling at them and exclaiming "I didn't even say if I'd join Scar Chain or not--

You're all so carefree I can't tell what any of you are thinking! I'm outta here!

After discovering Nagi's past, he personally went to Nagi and apologized for his actions. This showed that Ganta was never above admitting when he was in the wrong--that pride was never an issue, for him.

When Nagi was captured, Ganta immediately wanted to go save him. He was amazed at how unwilling everyone was to hurry and do it. It confused him that they weren't planning on dropping everything to rescue Nagi, exclaming: "It's just wrong to abandon a friend...!"

Following Rokuro's betrayal to Scar Chain, Ganta beat himself up pretty badly. He completely hated how unhelpful he had been--questioning why he was so "pitiful". He beat himself up for reacting so harshly towards Shiro, after she had been the one to save him and everyone else. He hated that, if Senji had not come along, he would not be alive then. He said all of this where everyone could hear him, earning a look from Senji. It was right after that, that Ganta requested that Senji help him become stronger. When Senji asked why he should, Ganta declared, while crying:

"...I...just want to be strong. ...If I'm strong then I can save Nagi. ...If I'm strong I won't have to make Shiro worry about me...If I...become strong I can defeat the 'Red Man'...! If I become strong...I won't have to be this miserable...! I...wanna become so strong that I could blow away the me that I am now...!"

It was soon shown that Ganta did not always think things through. When Karako and Shiro's lives were in danger, Ganta immediately took off running--there was literally no hesitation to go save them. It was also thanks to his words on saving Nagi, that everyone was rushing to do the very same thing.

Ganta showed how his endless determination could affect his abilities during that time. When Nagi went after Shiro, Ganta was able to continue standing--even after taking over five very hard punches from Nagi (some from Shiro) and a small handful of Owl's Eyeballs (Branch of Sin in the form of a bomb), Ganta was able to continue standing. On top of all of that, he had not eaten a 'candy' lately. He was being poisoned during that time, yet his body was still moving. That showed that his willpower could cause his body to pretty much "forget" that it should be at its limit. He showed some of his wisdom, during this time, when Nagi says that he has no light left in that place. Ganta yelled "If you can't see what's important, then it's because you're too ashamed to open your eyes..!"

"That I'm weak... or that DW is crazy doesn't matter at all... I will... I will protect my friends..!"

After Genkaku finally snapped and started aimlessly killing everyone in the room, something in Ganta awakened. Even though his body was unable to move earlier, he managed to will his body into action. With the thought "I just want to get him once...!", he was able to move. His Ganbare Gun awakened as he thought to himself, "As long as I have a promise and hope... I don't have the time to die!!" And, with that, he shot Genkaku--with Nagi holding the monk in place. After that, Nagi offered Ganta his last 'candy', telling Ganta that it's fine 'this way' and saying that he really is 'full of hope'. Ganta seemed to feel incredibly guilty taking the 'candy', because it was just another thing pointing out that his friend was going to not need it. Because he was going to die soon.

When Karako and the others left DW, Ganta chose to stay behind for Shiro. He stated that he still had "friends there" and couldn't just leave them. After eating Nagi's 'candy', Ganta finally broke down and started crying pretty hard, clinging to Shiro as he did. The death of Nagi had hit Ganta pretty hard, actually. Ganta was more than just a broken teenager, afterwards. He stopped eating, because food had lost its taste, to him. Whenever somebody spoke to him, he seemed to be in a daze. He answered things in the most melancholy of ways, giving short, one-word answers most of the time. Really, some of his answers made little sense, and it had pretty much everyone giving him a crazy look. It probably hadn't helped that he had to spend a week in solitary directly after Nagi's death--and so had plenty of time to sit and dwell on it. His biggest concern was that he didn't want Nagi's death to have been for nothing--and he was afraid of going through life with nothing changing. Even after Senji attempting to give him a reality check, it did nothing except making Ganta momentarily question himself.

It was, in the end, thanks to Shiro that Ganta was able to snap out of it. When he tried the food (that was made with a strange mixture of foods--and that everyone else had said was no good) that she had been working so very hard on, he stated that it was good. With that, he realized that 'there's nothing that won't change'.

During the Arc of the Forgeries, Ganta made new friends--and enemies. Azami, one of those who were forcibly turned into a Deadman (AKA 'Forgery'), was one of the closer friends Ganta made. He became protective of her, and even defended her to the other Deadmen (including his friend, Senji).

Upon meeting the one calling himself Toto Sakagami AKA Mockingbird (really Hagire Rinichirou in Toto's body), Ganta did not get the best first impression. The guy licked Senji's blood, after all (which was incredibly gross in Ganta's opinion).

kjdhalskdh... UGH.

... yeah, more random notes:

He can be considered a rather stubborn guy. Once he sets his mind to something, he is going to basically move heaven and earth to get it done! He does not make promises, with the intent of not keeping them. He also can be quite stubborn when it comes to arguments (and, thus, he has a bit of a mouth on him, when someone makes him angry). This stubbornness can be seen during his fights. He falls often (and sometimes QUICKLY), but he will pretty much always get up. It would take two broken legs and massive brain damage to stop him from returning to his feet. This is mentioned by Shiro, who believes this makes Ganta strong!

Also, he is not one to hold back from stating how he feels about something. He is quick to let people know his opinions, and whether he believes something is wrong or immoral.

It should also be noted just how much he cares for Shiro. At the time, he does not realize just how much he loves her. In fact, he considers her annoying, at times. It is likely that, because he loves her so very much, he is annoyed by some of her actions. After all, you are most irritated by those you care most for! He feels extremely guilty for forgetting about her. He even cries, to Yō, about the fact that one of his childhood friends is still alive.

He completely hates the Red Man. Every thought, every mentioning of the name, every time he sees "him"... He only feels hatred. His love for Shiro, however, is greater than his hate, though. Even when he eventually does find out that Shiro IS Red Man, he manages to come to terms with it and still vows to protect her.

Enhanced Endurance: Ganta has displayed a near-infinite amount of endurance that has assisted him greatly. Even as a small child, he displayed this ability by always getting back up (even after being beaten to a pulp by Shiro). Even in cases where a regular person would have been unable to get back up, he was able to do that plus continue fighting. Things such as anemia, being electrocuted, and being hit with varying Branches of Sin seem to affect him more lightly than they would a normal person.

Resolve: Originally nothing more than a will to survive and gain vengeance, Ganta has developed a strong integrity and perseverance to achieve his goals. Throughout his character development, it managed to progress into more of a need to keep his friends alive and safe, especially Shiro. It is all thanks to his endurance, willpower, and resolve, that he was able to overcome the enemies that he has.

Branch of Sin: Technically, Ganta possesses several Branches of Sin. They allow him to somewhat freely control his blood. Whenever he wishes to use his, he will usually bite his thumb. His ability was given by The 'Red Man' implanting a red crystal (that contained a special parasite in it) in his chest.

Branch of Sin: Ganta Gun: Ganta collects his blood into his right hand. He will shoot it towards the enemy in a way that is similar to a bullet (hence the 'Gun' in 'Ganta Gun'--Senji was not very creative, apparently. :|). The blood can be drawn from, literally, any part of his body. It was initially believed that, the more blood he uses, the stronger the shot. By using both of his hands, Ganta can form the bullet faster and make it stronger then the regular one--strong enough to propel himself into the air. The bullet can ricochet against other objects, thus changing its course. He cannot restore his blood or keep it in check, like the close ranged Branches of Sin. He is susceptible to anemia if he misuses his powers.

Supersonic Ganta Gun: During his training with Senji, Ganta developed a new kind of Ganta Gun. He uses his blood to make a bullet that is smaller and slimmer than the first. This bullet travels at a much faster speed, can be fired back-to-back, and can overpower the worm eater weapons. It has a piercing force behind it. This Branch of Since reduces the chances of anemia--after all, he uses less blood.

Branch of Sin: Ganbare Gun: Ganta happens on this Branch of since during his fight with Azuma Genkaku. This one has a much faster and powerful bullet. With this one, comes patterned, shiny, reddish-pink lines to cover the right side of his body. When the bullet hits its target, it will expand. Afterwards, it explodes sort of like a bomb. It started out incredibly dangerous, considering Ganta had zero control over it. Over time, like with the original Branch of Sin, Ganta manages to get the hang of it.

NOTE: Ganta sustained burn marks (starting on his chest where the red crystal was implanted all the way to his right elbow) because of this Branch of Sin. Ganta's Branch of Sin is slowly killing him, because of the overuse of the Ganbare Gun. With time, it will kill him.

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Those with special abilities, 'Deadmen'.

They are people who have had the Femto Machine, 'Nameless Worm' mixed into their blood's enzymes and can now freely control their blood, a power known as the 'Branch of Sin'.

Deadman Wonderland is a camouflaged facility that follows the will of the previous TZD Pharmaceutical Science Epidemic Research Laboratory's chief to gather up and study those with the power...”

And that's exactly what he is--a Deadman

Enhanced Endurance: During the series, Ganta has displayed enormous amount of endurance. From his childhood, being beaten to a pulp by Shiro, to his teens. He also endured a lot of cases were a regular person would die from enormous pain. Such as cuts, deep wounds, anemia, constant pummeling, chest stabbing, being electrocuted and being hit with all sorts of Branches of Sin.

Branch of Sin: As a Deadman, Ganta possesses a Branch of Sin. This allows him to freely control his blood. He usually bites his thumb to forcedly bring his blood out. His ability came from the Red Man who forced a Red Diamond into his chest after all of his friends were murdered.

Branch of Sin: Ganta Gun (丸太・ガン, Ganta Gan): Even tho he can use both of his hands, Ganta collects his blood in his right hand and shoots it away (similar to a bullet, hence the name Gun). He can draw his blood from any part of his body into the palms of his hands. He first used this ability at the first day he was in Deadman Wonderland. A boulder was thrown down at him with the intent to kill him. Refusing to die before getting revenge on the Red Man, his strong will to live awakened his Deadman powers. Ganta then fires his Ganta Gun, shattering the giant boulder to pieces. Depending on how much blood he uses, the stronger the shot. He can compress his blood to make a more powerful bullet which can deal more damage. By using both of his hands, Ganta can form the bullet faster and make it stronger then the regular one, strong enough to repel him into the air. The bullet can also ricochet against other objects, thus changing its course. It was shown that Ganta can change the shape of the bullet, from round to spike-like shape, but this was mostly present at the beginning while Ganta was still learning how to use his powers and constant change in the bullets shape is mostly present in the Anime. At certain times, Anime version makes it look like Ganta throws the blood bullets instead of shooting them. At the beginning he had trouble shaping the bullets into strong projectiles, but thanks to his training with Senji he learned to shape and shoot the bullets fast with ease. His weakness is the power itself. Due to being a long range Branch of Sin, he cannot restore his blood or keep it in check unlike the close ranged Branches of Sin, meaning it's more likely that he'll end up with anemia if he misuses his powers. He has trained his Ganta Gun to be faster and stronger with the help of Crow, as well as learning to shoot multiple bullets at once. It can also be noted that throughout the series Ganta has overcome his weakness, being able to fire more bullets with a small chance of anemia. This is probably due to his body getting used to his powers.

Supersonic Ganta Gun: During his training with Senji, Ganta developed a new kind of Ganta Gun. He uses his blood to make a bullet that is smaller and slimmer than his usual one. This way the bullet travels at a much faster speed and can be fired multiple times one after the other, as well as overpowering the worm eater weapons and can even pierce other objects and his opponents. This also reduces the chances of anemia, because Ganta uses less blood this way. While the regular Ganta Gun is more like a cannon, the Supersonic Ganta Gun fires like a machine gun.

Branch of Sin: Ganbare Gun (頑張る・ガン, Ganbare Gan, lit. "Do your best" Gun): During his fight with Azuma Genkaku, Ganta discovers an improved version of his Ganta Gun. This version has a faster and much more powerful bullet that causes patterned, black lines (shiny red-pink in the anime) to cover his body. Ganbare Gun's bullets also look slightly different than a regular Ganta Gun bullet. When the bullet hits it's target directly, it expands and explodes quite rapidly causing huge amount of damage. At the beginning, Ganta couldn't awake nor control the Ganbare Gun, which at one point led him to accidentally use it and injure his comrades. A major weakness to this attack is that Ganta can lose a lot of blood and consciousness. But over time, like his regular Gun, Ganta overcame the anemia effect and was able to fully control it. Due to the overuse of it, Ganta sustained burn marks starting on his chest where the red crystal was implanted all the way to his elbow, where the marks appeared, as well as having heavy chest pain. Before the crystal in his chest was destroyed, Ganta's Branch of Sin was slowly killing him because of the overuse of the Ganbare Gun and if it wasn't destroyed, he could have died.

Resolve: Similar to his endurance, Ganta has developed a strong integrity and perseverance to achieve his goals. This started out as simply surviving to kill the Red man to gain vengeance for his friends, but has progressed to protecting his friends, especially Shiro. This resolve couple with his endurance allows him to survive and win against superior opponents and to keep his goals in sight.


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